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Witchcraft Wednesday: Witchcraft on the Go

It can be tough to be a witch when you have to work away. Or maybe you visit family a lot, or perhaps you’re a traveling brooms salesperson. I don’t know you.

For me, I have to work away sometimes. And often I’m gone for between one and five days, which means I’m packing light. I only have a carry-on, and that means that I cannot, CANNOT bring my entire altar and witch kit with me. Sadly.

So how do we maintain our practice when we’re on the move? If you pop over to Instagram, you’ll find a veritable bevy of #travelaltar posts and some of them are super cute and detailed and come in their own teeny tiny little cases.

But I live in the real world (well, my real world), where I don’t have the f*cking time to pack like that, friends. This week I’m in London for work and I packed in TWENTY-SEVEN MINUTES, including makeup and toiletries. That’s good, even for me. And I was racing the clock, because I’d had an appointment over-run. So the last thing I have time to do when I’m speed-packing for mandatory work trips is putting together an adorable little travel altar with its own case. It’s not happening. So let me tell you how I do.

Introducing: The Handbag Altar

A deck of Tarot cards, a metal pentagram, a Selenite wand, a black candle, a white candle and three crystals sit on a white sheet.

Welcome to my travel altar. It lives in the little zip purse that lives inside and is attached to my actual handbag that I love and adore and never want to get worn out. I bought in on eBay and it’s All Saints and anyway, that’s another story (note to self: Fashion Friday / Witch Bags?). So this is my process:

  1. Pack everything I own

  2. Remove everything from case

  3. Chuck 4 outfits into case

  4. Think about it for a bit

  5. Grab toiletries and makeup

  6. Wonder how much jewellery to bring and where I put it all

  7. Realise I never unpacked it from my last trip

  8. About to leave, remember THE TRAVEL ALTAR.

  9. Grab sh*t, chuck it in zip purse, done.

Okay, so to be fair, I do have some stuff which always lives in my handbag. Hematite, Red Jasper, always in there. Sometimes other assorted crystals depending on how and what I’ve been feeling. But my travel altar on the go includes:

A metal pentagram holds a black candle, and Hematite, Obsidian and Red Jasper crystals. A Selenite wand sits in front of it.

  1. Pentagram (nice to hold candles, crystals etc and provide a focal point)

  2. Black spell candle (because black is nice and versatile, and let’s be honest, if I’m away on a work trip and I need to do a spell, it’s probably to banish negative energy)

  3. White candle (just in case I need it for anything else)

  4. Lighter (because I made that mistake once)

  5. Tarot Cards (because they’re versatile, and they cover both divination and spellwork. You are welcome)

  6. Crystals – Hematite, Red Jasper, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz etc, but let’s be honest, it’s whatever additional crystals I grab on the way out

  7. Selenite wand to cleanse myself morning and night because you just don’t know what kind of energies have been living in that hotel room before you.

A tan leather handbag and matching smaller pouch. In front of them, a deck of Tarot cards with The Hermit at the top of the deck.

I also tend to bring some oils, but I’ll tell you a secret: I use Goddess perfume oil from Lush as my daily scent and guess what? It smells f*cking delicious and sometimes I use it to anoint candles, too. I don’t know what they put in there, probably crack because it’s so addictive, but I am quite sure it smells like money and also abundance, okay? So I use it to dress my candles when I’m on the go so I don’t have to bring the whole essential oil kit.

I do tend to also travel with peppermint oil, but that’s more in case of headaches/migraines or indigestion. Just my crone trick for you, there. Again, you are welcome.

A hand holds up an Obsidian crystal in a hotel room.

I realise that this might seem haphazard for someone who’s always going on about intention. Like, surely, OBW, you’re not being very f*cking intentional about that packing, are you? But hear me out: YOU ARE THE MAGIC. Wherever you go, your magic is with you. Whether you have oils, candles, pentagrams, cards – your magic is about your spiritual intention, and not the sh*t you have. Because let’s face it: witches are hoarders. And we have a lot of sh*t.

What witchy items live in your handbag?



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