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Witchcraft Wednesday: What’s the Deal with Poppets?

Welcome to Wednesday, Witches! Today I am going to address the subject of poppets, otherwise known as dollies, pippies, moppets and mommets.

A woman wearing a hat holds a carved wooden doll.

I know that for a long time when I was young, I personally thought poppets were basically the Western version of the “Voodoo Doll”. In pop culture, there is this idea of the Doll as a weapon of torture, and, yes, poppets sure are sometimes used to inflict magic upon someone. However, the humble poppet in yesterday’s and today’s witchcraft is most often used as a way to protect someone through magic, and to bring lovely things into their lives.

Making a Poppet

A pile of colourful hand-sewn poppets.

Poppets can be made from just about anything. A popular way to make them is to use cloth stuffed with herbs that correlate to the intention of the magic (love, prosperity, health, fertility etc) and then to add little characteristics of the person the poppet is to represent. For example, black hair made of wool, or green eyes etc. We also tend to add a taglock, like a lock of hair (or nail clippings, but I would rather work with blood than nail clippings, personally, because they weird me out), and that makes our poppet our person.

Another way of creating poppets is to take a fairly blank-looking doll or toy and make it look more like the person you’re trying to help through magic. For example, even if it’s just a calico blank, you can add hair, eyes, draw on their favourite shirt etc. Tie the person’s favourite scarf around them etc. Don’t let crafting weird you out – anyone with the right intentions can have a go at this.

Nice Things to Do With Your Poppet

Right, so like I said, we’re going to focus on the ‘nice’ poppetry here. This is a lovely bit of safety and love magic, but it’s still best to ask the permission of the person the poppet is representing before you do anything like this. But once you’ve got the all clear and your poppet is ready for action, you could:

Two dolls fully dressed smile at each other.

A tiny chihuahua dog wearing a knitted beanie.

  1. Place coins and bank notes around your poppet to encourage prosperity and wealth.

  2. Cuddle your poppet to make them feel loved and supported.

  3. Dress your poppet in nice clothes (or a uniform, for example, if that poppet is trying to get into the police force etc)

  4. Give your poppet lots of nice soothing crystals that relate to your intentions – like rose quartz to bring love (and self-love), and adventurine for prosperity.

  5. Put your poppet in a nice comfy bed so they can feel rested and relaxed.

  6. Talk to your poppet – tell them how clever and fantastic they are, what a kind person they are, and how funny their jokes are. This can help the person you’re poppet-ing to grow in self confidence and feel good about themselves.

  7. Give your poppet the things that you want for that person. Maybe the poppet is you and you’re desperate for a dog. GIVE YOUR POPPET A POPPET DOG AND THEN GIVE THE POPPET DOG A BOWTIE AND A BONE. You get the picture.

As I’ve said before, magic is all about intention. So if you can’t make your own poppet, purchase one from an independent maker. And remember, not all poppets have to be the same. It doesn’t have to be made from cloth or sewn together – in times gone by, poppets were made out of anything from straw to grass to potatoes to wood. Whatever feels right and accessible to you will do for now. Just set your intention, and love on your poppets (and their poppet dogs, and/or poppet babies, and/or poppet houses).

Warning: poppets can be addictive.



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