Witchcraft Wednesday: The Easiest Ever Freezer Spell

Howdy! It’s Witchcraft Wednesday and again, I wanted to offer up a spell that anybody with access to some basic white goods can do. Alternatively, it’s winter, so I imagine you could also try chucking this into a pile of snow. Let’s get into the festive spirit by getting rid of some of the bad energy coming our way.

This Freeze-Out Spell is for when someone just won’t stop f*cking with your life. Maybe it’s an ex who won’t get the message, or a colleague who is talking sh*t about you at work, or someone who will not lose your number, no matter how hard you try, or a parent who keeps asking you when you’re going to get married. Now, I’m not an advocate of spells that harm people. This is not about hurting someone. It’s about protecting yourself and keeping the negative vibes out of your life.

A soap bubble freezes outside on a branch.