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Witchcraft Wednesday: Making is Manifesting.

Happy Wednesday, witches and friends! I hope you’re all keeping very well in your isolation pods, and that your spirits are as high as they can be, given the circumstances.

As you all know, I’m a bit obsessed with poppets. I’ve written about them on this blog, and also for Witch With Me, because they gave me a SECOND opportunity to talk about the magic of poppets. But I guess the basics of poppet magic come down, as so many magical practices do, to manifestation, because when we place our energy into the creation of something, our magic literally inserts itself into that object. Our energy transfers into it.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

This is why kitchen witchery is so powerful – when we cook with intention, whispering sweet nothings into a pot of soup or stew, or stirring our coffee clockwise in the morning, muttering grumpily-mumbled spells, it works. This is why we don’t have to have all of the fancy witch supplies in the world – literally anything can be magical.

So today, in this, the time of being at home, surrounded by your things and, probably, running out of ideas of things to do, I want to encourage you to be creative. Take some deep breaths and let yourself dream about making things, whether that is music (write a song! But not about Covid-19, because we are all tired of that), or, indeed, a poppet, to bring yourself and your family health and wellbeing, or perhaps you are a budding ceramicist, candle-maker, or, in my case, channeling your excess energy into making soap for the neighbours – just make something. Seriously. I dare you. Make a cup of tea and make it magical.

So, here are a few ideas about simple making-based magic you can do in the comfort of your own home, without leaving the house for supplies (because you should only do that for groceries, medical care and caring for others, and possibly exercise, although I feel like that’s going to change here in the UK any minute now).

Get Arty

Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

Are you good at drawing? Or are you a bit sh*t at it, like me? IT MATTERS NOT. Grab some paper (use the back of a bill! Use the letter from the government telling you everything is cool and normal!), dig out a biro and get sketchy. Draw the things you’re looking forward to doing; or draw the things you want to create. Do a beautiful/terrible portrait of your dog or cat or tortoise family member. While you do it, pour your focus and love into it. This is art. This is your magic.

Now, put it on the fridge, or hang it on the wall. Gift it to the dog. I know she’ll appreciate it.

Bake a Cake

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Hey! I bet you have a cake mix somewhere in the back of your cupboards. I know that I do. For some reason, it is gluten free (well, I know the reason for that, I thought I was gluten intolerant but it turns out I just had 850g of fibroids in my abdomen) and vegan. Again, it does not matter. Grab out that packet mix, find an egg, I bet you have one. Use whichever milk product goes in your coffee! Use juice! Anyway, I digress. Get that cake mix, and bake it. While you beat/stir/pour, whisper your intentions into the batter. Manifest a wonderful conversation with your partner. Manifest a romantic connection. State, without ambiguity, that all those who eat this masterpiece of patisserie will instantly feel calm, comforted and safe. BONUS: your home will smell like warm, fresh cake.

Sing Something

Photo by Tanner Boriack on Unsplash

Are you a human with vocal chords? SING! If you have a smart phone, you can even record and mix your song on GarageBand or a similar app. Lay down the beats. Express yourself. Bare your heart and soul. Or sing a silly song. Whatever you feel, do it. Because music is so magical, and when we channel our feelings and emotions into music, it is therapeutic and cathartic. Also, use your words to cast spells. Maybe you want to keep your family and friends safe (I mean, obviously you do). So sing your intentions (in the present tense, being specific!) into your brand new opus. I am so proud of you. That takes guts.

Make a Spell Jar

One Boss Witch Spell Jar

As you know, I love me a spell jar. Money jar? Job jar? Health jar? I bet you have everything you need in the cupboards, and if you don’t, you can substitute. Use table salt and rosemary oil. Use a white candle. Put it in an empty peanut butter jar. F*ck it, put it in an empty baked beans tin. It does not matter.

You can check out a spell jar of mine here– but whatever you make, I bet it’s amazing. Work your jar on the daily – shake it up, or light a fresh tea-light / birthday candle atop it every day. Keep that magic manifesting.

Again, you DO NOT NEED SUPPLIES. You don’t *need* anything. Because, what do I always say?

You are the magic.

Tell me what magical manifestations you’re working from home!

And don’t forget to tune into the One Boss Witchcast on Friday.



Featured: Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

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