Witchcraft Wednesday: Grounding in Isolation

Greetings, witches and friends! I bet you can’t believe it’s already Witchcraft Wednesday again. Neither can I. You lot are INSATIABLE, I tell you.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about grounding lately. That yearning that we witchy folk get when it’s just been way too long since our feet touched the dirt or the sand or flowing water that wasn’t coming out of the taps in our own house. As you are well aware because I won’t stop bitching about it, we are in a (lovely) apartment with no garden. In the UK, we are allowed to go out for one walk per day, and that walk has to be essentially from and back to our own houses. So we’re not allowed to drive anywhere to then do the walking.

A sign posted on my local walk, politely reminding us what the rules are.