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Witchcraft Wednesday: 3 Simple Spells (No Witchy Gear Required)

Happy Witchcraft Wednesday! I’ve decided that every Wednesday, I’ll post about witchcraft, whether it’s a spell, a relaxation recording, an activity or even something crafty. The whole point of this blog is to make witchcraft more accessible every day for every person – which is why today, we’re focusing on 3 simple spells that do not require you to have an altar, ten different candles, herb bundles, resins, a wand, thirty crystals or a black cat.

A person with red hair is surrounded by light in the woods, floating off the ground.

When I began on this journey, I certainly did not have the money to buy every single item that I wished I could. Even now, I don’t have that kind of capital. I’m sort of a minimalist Witch by accident for the most part. Even though I love my Witch Kit, I can’t afford to put everything in it that I would like.

The good news is, you don’t need all of those things to be a practising Witch. As I’ve said before, the main thing is your intention. You don’t have to cast spells every day, and you don’t have to have a full set of essential oils and animal bone dust and all that jazz. You just need yourself, your intention and your concentration.

So, without further ado, let’s do some spellwork.

Let’s Get Set Up

An old weather vane.

First things first: set the scene. Turn your phone off or onto Airplane mode. We don’t want any distractions during this spellwork. If you have a candle, light it, otherwise just sort out some mood lighting, even if that’s switching a lamp on and turning the big, unforgiving light off. Same goes for incense – not necessary, but by all means, make it smell good in there.

Now, face the East and say, “Spirit of the East, of the Air, I call on you. Hail and Welcome.”

Turn to the South and say, “Spirit of the South, of Fire, I call on you. Hail and Welcome.”

Turn to the West and say, “Spirit of the West, of the Water, I call on you. Hail and Welcome.”

Turn to the North and say, “Spirit of the North, of the Earth, I call on you. Hail and Welcome.”

Stay facing the North, and greet the Goddess and the God (if you like). Now your circle is cast, and you’re ready to begin your Witching.

Closing the Circle

A lit green candle.

When you’ve finished your spellwork, we’re going to thank the Spirits and close the circle. We do this in the reverse order to the opening. So:

Turn to the North and say, “Goddess and God, thank you for being with me. Hail and farewell.”

Stay facing the North: “Spirit of the North, of the Earth, thank you for your presence. Hail and farewell.”

Facing the West: “Spirit of the West, of Water, thank you for your presence. Hail and farewell.”

Facing the South: “Spirit of the South, of Fire, thank you for your presence. Hail and farewell.”

Facing the East: “Spirit of the East, of the Air, thank you for your presence. Hail and farewell.”

1. A Simple Spell for Manifestation

A fountain pen rests on paper with writing on it, along with some rose petals.

I love manifestation spells, mostly because it helps me to focus my attention towards visualisation and imagination. For this little spell, we are going to need:

  1. A pen or pencil

  2. A piece of paper

That’s it! Super simple kit list there, everybody.

Cast your circle, as above, and then sit down inside your circle with your pen and paper. I want you to close your eyes, and truly visualise what it is that you are manifesting. That means I want you to see yourself already having that thing. Whether it’s money, or love – feel how it would feel to be living with that. What does it feel like? What does it smell like? What does it look like? Spend some time meditating on this. I want you to live it. When you’ve got it 100% down in your mind’s eye, open your eyes and write down your manifestation on the paper:

Thank you Universe/Goddess/Spirit for the abundance you provide. I thank you for the <INSERT YOUR MANIFESTATION> that you have gifted me.

Write it three times, concentrating. Use your best, most focused handwriting.

When you’re done, fold up the paper into a neat bundle. I like using an envelope fold, but you can fold it however you wish.

Now, meditate again on that paper.

Open your eyes, and place that paper somewhere safe – into jewellery box, beside your bed, or into a bowl. Put it somewhere you’ll see it, so that you can bring it back to mind every day.

Close your circle.

2. A Cleansing Ritual

A stone bath tub in a bathroom by a window. A robe hangs on the wall.

I love baths, and cleansing rituals are a great way to meditate and clear ourselves of negative energy. This spell uses a bathtub, but if you don’t have a tub, just substitute your shower.

For this spell, you need:

  1. A bath or shower

  2. Some bathsalts (use whatever you have – if you have essential oils, go for it, and if you have herbs or flowers you want to add – go for it).

If you have a candle, light it – if not, don’t worry.

While you run the bath, imagine yourself cleaning away the negative energies you’ve accumulated. These could be from negative people, or stressful situations, or just general bad vibes. Think about those energies leaving your body.

Get into the bath, and close your eyes. Relax. Either out loud or in your mind, say,

“With this water I wash away the negative energies within and upon me.”

A bath caddy holding bath bombs, salts in a glass jar, a glass bottle and sponges and soaps.

Now, mindfully wash yourself with the salted water, picturing those bad vibes washing away and disappearing in the water like a bath bomb. Fizzing out.

Sit back and relax for a while – with each inhale, imagine a clean, bright light coming into your body and eating away at anything negative. With each exhale, picture those negative energies leaving your body. Maybe they’re a black mist, or maybe they are a dark red smoke. Breathe it all out.

When you feel like you’re all squeaky clean inside and out, your spell is complete. Give thanks, and go about your evening.

*Now is a great time for a meditation session or further spellwork – I often do this after a bath because my mind is in the right place*

3. Basic Kitchen Witchery – Cooking With Love

Fresh fettuccine pasta with the ingredients sit on a wooden benchtop.

Another thing I love to do is to use cooking to cast spells. I don’t mean by adding anything in particular, although I do love cooking with sage and rosemary. Once again, this is all about intention and mindful cooking.

While you prepare a meal, focus on your intention. For example, say your partner is having a bad day, and you want to fill them with ease and love. While you’re preparing the food, focus all your attention on pushing love and comfort into the food. I’m talking about every step here – while you’re washing, peeling, chopping, frying, boiling a kettle – every single step.

Cream and yellow custard desserts topped with flowers and mint leaves.

Take deep breaths and enjoy the process. Feel that love and comfort within yourself. By the time you serve that food to your partner/friend/mother – all of that beautiful energy will be infused in each bite of the meal. While you eat, give thanks, and enjoy the love.

This doesn’t have to be a fancy meal, either – it works just as well with beans on toast as it does with homemade pasta.

What are your most simple spells? I’d love to hear about them. Contact me to get in touch!

Blessings, Witches,


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