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Witchcraft Wednesday: 10 Ways to Witch Under the Radar

Welcome to Witchcraft Wednesday, witches and friends! I know, it’s been a while. I feel terrible, but also I don’t so, you know, weigh that up.

Anyway, today I want to address something that a few people in my IRL world have asked me about witchery:

“OBW, how do you maintain being a witch and working a normal job?”

Jokes, they don’t call me OBW, but anyway.

How can one work a “normal” (read: non-magickal) job and also be a practising witch? How can we meld together the beautiful and different facets of our lives to create a fondue of career, witchcraft and balance? Well, if you read Monday’s post, you’ll know that it’s not always easy. We get tired, and we get worn down, and sometimes, our witchcraft practice gets left behind.

So today, I bring to you:

Ten Ways to Witch Under the Radar

10 / BYO Crystals

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

CRYSTALS EVERYWHERE! Gather your most favourite crystals from home and migrate them into your work life. They may be a conversation starter, but nobody’s actually going to go, “WITCH!” unless they also read this article and you both showed up with an armful of citrine and rose quartz on Thursday morning.

09 / Herbalism

Photo by TeaCora Rooibos on Unsplash

You all know (unless you’re new, welcome) that I love me some herbalism, and herbalism, or, rather, herbal remedies, were my comfy space when it came to leaning into more public witchcraft. I’m not talking about poultices and “take this by the light of the full moon wearing nothing but what the Goddess gave you”; I’m talking… “Oh, your stomach is hurting? Here, have a peppermint/ginger tea.” Or, “have you ever tried using vetiver in your bath along with lavender to help you sleep?”

These little dabbles can be a great way to exercise and stretch your witch muscles at work when you’re feeling rusty.

08 / Daily Card Pull

Photo by Coco Tafoya on Unsplash

This one is not so much for at work, but, before you set off in the morning (or before you start your first Zoom meeting), consider pulling a card for yourself to set the tone for your day. You can just pull at random, or you can ask questions, such as:

“What can I work on today to improve my working relationships?”

“How can I foster a sense of community in my workplace?”


“What can I do to control my rage when I run into Wallace in the kitchen today?”, for example. I don’t know, that one’s up to you, witchy pals. I don’t know anyone called Wallace, that’s why I’ve used that name.

07 / Lunchtime Meditation Sesh

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

I love this one. If you get a lunch break, or even if you don’t, take five minutes out of your day to recentre yourself and ground. You can do this by standing outside in the sunshine with your eyes closed; or you could just stick your airpods in at your desk and listen to a quick guided meditation. Either way – on most days, but especially high-pressure days, I find that five minutes of meditation can help me reset and get back to business.

06 / Practise Kindness

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Okay, this is kind of a human thing as well as a witch thing, but it’s important. As witches, we understand the balance of energy that keeps the world turning, so if someone is being an *rsehole, maybe they’re having a super bad day. Maybe instead of being like, “STOP STEALING MY STAPLER, WALLACE!” you could try asking Wallace if he’s alright, or if he needs help finding his own lost stapler. So on and so forth.

05 / Kitchen Witchery

Photo by Kjartan Einarsson on Unsplash

This is a trick I love, although ‘trick’ makes it sound bad. I love to bring in a little something for co-workers, maybe like muffins, or flowers, or whatever, but infuse a whole lot of loving witchcraft into them. Productivity Pastries! Confidence Cannoli! Stability Sandwiches. You get the picture. Bring something nice, and woo-woo your woo into them. You know? Spread that witchy gift, friends.

04 / Sigils & Signatures

Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

I like to think of my signature as a sigil of sorts – a representation of myself that I add to the work that I do. Once or twice a week I might get a massive pile of signing to do, and that can seem super f*cking tedious, right? So try this: each time you initial a timesheet, you are blessing the money that goes to a colleague. Every contract you sign is a manifestation of the success that you and others have worked so hard for. Make sure you love your signature – it should be a part of you. Then sign with a flourish. Quill optional.

03 / Feel the Vibes