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Why Is Nature Walking So Satisfying?

So today we were on puppy duty for our neighbour – which only entails (:D) taking him out to stretch his legs at lunchtime. But, since we’ve been in the apartment for a few days (we both work a lot from home) we thought we’d take Hughbert out for a nice, long walk through the woods in a local nature reserve.

West Yorkshire is particularly grey at the moment, and it was a muddy, bogged-down and slushy walk. But I feel a million bucks after it. Why is that?

What Does Nature Do For Us?

A person in a black jacket walks a small black dog in the countryside.

According to the University of Minnesota’s ‘Taking Charge of Your Wellbeing‘ site, “Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings.” And there has also been evidence that it can reduce our blood pressure, stress hormone production and heart rate.

Being outside can also improve your concentration, your Vitamin D stores and absorption, and your immune system.

What About for Witches?

A person sits on a jetty by the water, the sun setting.

For us Boss Witches, it’s especially important to be out in nature – communing with Mother Earth and the Universe’s natural bounty makes us feel more connected to our spiritual selves. Even just going for a walk can be meditative, but there are also loads of free access walking meditations to stick into your ears if you find the silence a bit overwhelming.

This isn’t the blog post I was going to write today, but I felt compelled – walking (and a borrowed puppy) made my day a bit better. Maybe it will make it better for you, too.



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