What is Samhain?

So around this time of year, the other witches, boss witches, pagans, and loads of assorted people will start talking about Samhain (pronounced “Sah-win”, among other pronunciations). So what actually is it?

Three dogs wearing ghost costumes pose with a pumpkin.

Samhain celebrates the point between the light and the dark half of the year, and the time in which the veil between the two worlds (ours and the next) is at its thinnest. So while we celebrate Samhain on the same night as Halloween (October 31st), it’s not the same. But the two do have history.

Of course, on Halloween, we traditionally dress up as ‘scary’ things (ghosts, spooks, witches etc) and go around to get treats. But Samhain is less for children and more for the spiritual.