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What is Manic Manifesting?

So I’m signed up to receive emails from Gabby Bernstein, who, I think we can all agree, is a bit of a f*cking inspiration, right?

Anyway, the other day this email pops up, and it says, “Are you a manic manifester?”. Immediately, I thought – YES. I don’t know what that means but YES, it sounds exactly like what I am.

A doorway in the midst of a messy, overcrowded wall of books.

So finally I took the time to sit down and watch her video about manic manifestation, and I realised that it’s a trap we can all so easily slide into. I am especially guilty of this; I throw myself into whatever I’m doing 110% and then if it doesn’t work straight away, I lose hope and I get depressed and I think it’s all a massive waste of time. But what Gabby says, what Deepak Chopra says, what basically anyone who actually gets and accomplishes this manifestation sh*t says is, you can’t just ask, then wait for it to happen. It’s about the vibrations we’re putting out into the Universe, and if we are sending out there that we WANT things, we are sending out vibes of LACKING.

Two empty glass bottles, one cloudy and standing, the other clear and on its side.

Okay, I get that this all sounds a bit f*cking ridiculous, like how can you send out vibes of abundance when you can’t pay your rent and you just had half a honey sandwich for breakfast because you can’t face the grocery store?

This is where we have to realign our minds. This is the hard part of manifestation, people. It’s the part where we let go, and let the Universe take over.

Let’s have a little imagination sesh.

Let’s say you’re launching a jewellery line and you’re in pretty deep and you need for it to go well. Naturally, if you’re a human being, you’re going to feel stressed about that. You’re going to feel pressure to achieve big things, for your new business to be a success. You see those bills piling up and you get the middle of the night panic sweats and you think, “have I just f*cked up my adult life?” even though you know your jewellery is sh*t hot. Right, this is when you have to make sure that you are aligned in the right way.

A painting of a shipwreck in a storm.


DO: Close your eyes, imagine that website launching, and SEE the orders rolling in. You ARE a successful business person. You know that. Because you’ve handed yourself over to the powers of the Universe, and that means all you have to do now is work your hardest and the good things will come flowing in.

An altered photograph of a person with long hair, who has two sets of smiling lips for eyes and a set of frowning lips at the mouth.

I get it – it’s easier said than done. I know that my anxiety makes me a prime suspect for the old manic manifestation. I get stuck in the PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cycle instead of sitting myself comfortably in the, “I’ve got this” armchair.

Another mistake that I’m often guilty of making is the old two-fold issue. Part A: you’re obsessing over that thing you’re working on manifesting. Part B: you’re trying to manifest 10,000 things at once. House, car, family, job, money, travel… it’s too much, friends. You need to FOCUS. You need to CALM DOWN (says Taylor Swift). Clarity is essential here.

So, when you are working on your manifestations, remember: you feel the feeling. You vibe the vibe. You vibrate at that all-having, loving kindness frequency, and then you LET THAT SH*T GO. Because you’ve done what you need to do now. Say your mantra, chant your chants, meditate your abundance meditations, and then RELEASE that intention into the Universe. If you hold onto it, the Universe can’t grasp it. Because it’s tucked up in the tiny little manic clock inside your brain, turning over and over. Drop it into the ocean. Watch it float away on a compostable balloon. Whatever you need to do – do it. Just get rid of it.

Drops fall into a body of red water.

So next time you find yourself slipping down that slope towards the LACKING mindset instead of the I AM A F*CKING BOSS WITCH mindset, remember this:

An illustration of a person meditating.

You are a badass. (again, one of my favourite books, by the wondrous Jen Sincero).

You can only work as many hours as there are in the day, and you are already successful, because you have things in your life that are amazing.

So take a few moments each day to meditate on the things in your life that are kickass, and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, because that, my friends – that is the frequency we want to be vibrating upon.



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