What is Magic to You?

I’ve had people make fun of me for believing in magic. Anyone who believes in magic will experience that at some point – it’s the same as the clash between religion and science – how can two things exist that are counter-intuitive?

Last night someone said to me that, “Science is magic that has been proven, and magic is science that hasn’t.” Or something along those lines. It makes sense, though – think of all the things that have been ‘discovered’ scientifically in just the past 50 years. Those things would have been considered magical a time ago.

A person with long, blonde hair reads a book in a field. Magical sparks fly from the book.

I’ve always believed that magic was possible, and that it exists. We know that, as humans, there are parts of our brains that we don’t necessarily access or use to the heights of their ability. And if you have ever practised meditatio