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What Does It Mean When Saturn Returns?

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This is another post that was requested by one of my favourite people, my friend Racheal. Rach is in Australia and sends me voice notes, and sometimes those include questions or suggestions for the blog, which I love! Hi, Rach.

One of the most recent things Racheal asked about was ‘Saturn Returning’, and I have to admit, I’d never really heard of it before. But when I started reading about it, it was like a lightbulb went off, and I thought it was definitely worth sharing.

So what does it mean?

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So basically, the planet Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to make a full circle and return to the position it was in when you were born. So the idea is that we experience a period of extreme personal growth and change between our late twenties and early thirties. Starting to ring a bell? This time in our lives when we start to think about what we really want, the person we want to be. When our friends are getting married and having children, or perhaps you’ve already had some kids or maybe you have six fur babies, but there’s something missing.

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If you’re 30 or over, you’d probably say that you’re a completely different person to the person you were at 20, or 24, or even 27. I know that for me (now 33) I feel like I know who I am now. I re-embraced my Witchiness, and I now give zero f*cks what people think about that. I posted a video on Instagram the other day of myself doing a short yoga routine. I am no yogi, and I am no supermodel. But you know what? I didn’t give a sh*t. Because I don’t care what people think about how my body looks. I wanted to share a real moment of my life when my body was aching and I felt sore and tired and my fibroids were giving me grief.

Saturn brings us several traits – change, clarity, the reality of our own mortality. It is also known as the Lord of Karma – this is when we begin to reap what we’ve sown during our twenties. That can be f*cking terrifying, let’s be honest. I can’t say I spent my twenties wisely – if I had, I’d probably own a house or something. But I did work hard in my late twenties. I got my Master’s Degree, I started my PhD. I worked really hard in my career, and I did well, went far. And now that I’m 33, I’m kind of veering out of that Saturn Returning phase, which means my next one will hit sometime between the ages of 57 and 60.

A person with blonde hair and a blank face has a sign over their face reading “Confidence” with three upward pointing arrows.

If you’re in your Saturn Returning phase, now is the time to take stock of your life. What do you want? Are you in a relationship that isn’t healthy? Maybe you’re working your arse off at a job you hate. What did you want to be when you were a teenager? It might be time to start dedicating an hour each night to writing that novel or taking a course online. Meditate on it – figure out who you are now. Let go of the person you were before you ‘grew up’. You don’t have to be that person anymore. Saturn sees through your bullsh*t and will take zero excuses. If you don’t have now what you want for yourself, it’s time to start working for it. You’re still young. The race isn’t over yet, and we all deserve a fulfilling and satisfying life, filled with happiness, love, success.

Whatever your goals are, now is the time to start working for them, if you haven’t already. If you want to buy a home, start saving. If you want a promotion, start figuring out how that can happen. If you’re into planning, maybe try a vision board or a five year plan. Write that script. Paint your art. Build the home you want – maybe you just want house plants and enough money to be comfortable. That is absolutely fine – get there. Maybe you want to move so you can get a dog (okay, that’s deeply personal).

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I’m not saying it’s easy. Yes, the Law of Attraction is a thing, and a thing I believe in. I’m not the expert on manifestation, otherwise I’d probably be in a different position right now. But I know what I want, and I’m constantly working on the Big Plan to get there.

A dog wears a suit.

All of this does not mean you can’t have fun anymore. I really don’t want you to think that! It’s just that maybe our idea of fun is different now. If you still want to party – party! Just balance it, take care of your body, take care of your priorities and remember that hangovers get way, way worse after the age of about 26 so you need to hydrate.

Get manifesting, friends – start being a go-getter instead of a what-iffer. You have potential, and you have the power within yourself. I believe in you.

Love and blessings,


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