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The Basics of Candle Magick (And a Simple Money Spell)

Witchcraft often has associations with a whole bunch of candles burning, and there’s good reason for that. We Boss Witches love a candle, and candles can serve many purposes within our magical practice.

But knowing where to begin can be tricky, and there are so many candles available that it can be confusing, not to mention expensive.

I wanted to share with you on this Sunday a few simple (and cost-effective) ways to incorporate candle magick into your own practice.

Which colour candle should I use?

A line of coloured candles.

This bit is the tricky one. I mean, if you have literally any colour of candle laying around the house, in my own opinion, you can do some kind of spell with it. For example, I have two white votive candles that I light whenever I’m working on something spiritual, whether it’s tarot, spell-casting, rituals and so forth. But you can more effectively target the effectiveness of your spells by using specific coloured candles.

Mackenzie Sage-Wright has this handy list of colour references over on Exemplore:

ColorCorrespondencesRedassertiveness, courage, creativity, energy, passionate love, sexOrangeambition, concentration, eloquence, legal issues, intellectual pursuits, successYellowattractiveness, clarity, happiness, intelligence, persuasiveness, travelGreengrowth, fertility, harmony, health, prosperity, wealthBluedreamwork, healing, intuition, loyalty, peace, spiritualityPurpleconnecting to the higher self, communing with higher beings, meditation, psychic abilities and developmentPinkbeauty, compassion, femininity, partnerships, romantic/innocent loveWhiteall-purpose (can be a substitute for any other color), cleansing, purification, truth, reflecting energyBlackabsorbing energy, banishing, breaking things (bad habits, hexes, etc.) discovering hidden wisdom, protection, self-defenseGreyinvisibility (not literal), loneliness, neutralizing energies and spells, wisdomBrownabundance, family, friends, gardening, grounding, pets, stability

A lit green candle

Do I have to buy special candles?

Absolutely not. I get it – we all like gorgeous candles. I can’t help myself sometimes. But when we are working with spells and magic/k, this is very important: it’s the intention that counts, not how much you spent on the candle. That means that, in my opinion, tea-light candles are just as effective as votives, and if you’re going to burn an entire candle in a spell, I’d personally rather you hadn’t spent £50 on it. Boss Witching is about spirituality – but also about being financially sensible. So please, spend what you like and what you can on candles. Not what you think you should spend.

What does it mean to “anoint” a candle?

Some amber glass bottles of essential oils with some flowers.

I love anointing candles. This combines two wonderfully powerful elements of Witchcraft into one for a certain spell. Basically, anointing just means that you are adding essential oils with specific properties onto your candle. You can either just add a drop, or, for a really powerful addition to your spellwork, use the oil to draw a symbol such as a sigil or a pentagram on the candle (which reminds me to add sigils to the list of things I need to post about soon!).

How do I use a candle in a spell?

Okay, there are loads of ways to address this question, but I’m going to start with something really basic as an example. We’re going to do a spell that I think we can probably all relate to:

A Money Spell

A pink candle with a Wiccan Pentagram on it.

We all need more money, right? It pays the bills, it hurts and stresses us out when there’s not enough of it. There are loads of different money spells you can do, but I want to break it down into a very simple one for today.

Today we’re going to need:

  1. A green or gold candle (any size)

  2. Some Frankincense oil

  3. A piece of paper and a pen

  4. A lighter or a match to actually light the candle.

A lit candle bearing a pentagram sits on top of a written spell.

As soon as you start to begin the planning for your spell, you’re doing it. So by reading this, you’re already on your way.

First, set up somewhere quiet. If you want to cast a circle, please do. But you don’t have to.

Set up your candle and the oil next to it, and have your pen and paper handy.

On the paper, I want you to write, I am thankful for the <INSERT AMOUNT HERE> that I will receive in the next <TIME FRAME>. I will use this money to <INSERT WHAT YOU NEED IT FOR>.

Then I want you to write below:

Money, money, come to me In abundance, three times three Harm no person, spirit or beast, Turn this famine into feast.

Now I want you to draw the sign of the pentagram on the candle, and focus your intentions.

Sit the piece of paper underneath the candle, and light the candle.

As it flickers, repeat the spell three times. Money, money…etc.

Once you’ve said the spell three times, say,

By the power of three times three, I have made it. So mote it be.

Now take some deep breaths, keep focusing that attention.

Let the candle burn all the way down. When it’s gone, fold that piece of paper and put it somewhere safe and special (like a jewellery box).

A wooden jewellery box.

Now you’ve taken your first steps into candle magick! Congratulations.

When your manifestation comes true, either burn or bury that piece of paper, releasing the manifestation. (Please don’t set fire to it if you live in an apartment with a sensitive smoke alarm, and also, just please be safe in general. Light it in a metal bowl or something. The sink, even.)

I’d love to know how you use candles in your own practice. Post pictures to Instagram, using the hashtag #OneBossWitch and I’ll check them out!

Also, send me a note if you use this spell and tell me how it goes.

Namaste, and have a beautiful Sunday eve.


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