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The 21 Day Abundance Challenge: From the Other Side

One of my very first posts on this site was when I was just a couple days into the 21 Day Abundance Challenge, which marries the 21 day abundance meditation course from Deepak Chopra with some daily tasks aimed at helping us take a look at ourselves, our lives, where we come from and where we’re going.

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I’ve been in bed ill for a couple of days so now that I’m back, I’m at the bloody last day of the 21 day challenge! What the fork?

Anyway, it seemed like kind of a good idea to take a look at the challenge from the other end.

As someone who’s always had trouble finishing what I started, which is why I am okay but not great at, among other things, knitting, painting, sewing, baking, ballet, piano, guitar etc and so on, this challenge was great in terms of keeping me accountable. I really did not want to let down my friend Nicci, who challenged me in the first place, and who put in the work to manage our little group which, by the end, was just a couple of us.

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So I just finished and I feel really good. Like really good. Because I have basically meditated every single day, with purposeful intention, for three whole weeks. And every single day, I have done some kind of activity or task that has made me take a look at myself, the way I see things and the way I live my life. Did I love every minute of it? NO. Because sometimes, looking inwards in hard and gross and unpleasant. But that’s all a part of inner growth, right?

It’s like how when you start going to therapy, you think, “Why the f*ck am I doing this to myself?”. It’s terrible. You’re pulling out all of these deep, buried feelings and experiences and thoughts and they’re messy. But once they’re out there, safely written down in your notebook, suddenly they seem a little less dark.

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Maybe the abundance challenge isn’t for you, and I completely get that. However – the meditations are available on YouTube for free, and I really recommend that you give them a shot. One a day, and they don’t last too long (maybe 15 minutes each?). Challenge yourself to just spend 15 minutes a day to calm your mind and maybe alter the way that you see the world. Jessie started doing it, as well, and even she’s enjoying it. In fact, she has downloaded that particular app that I’m always banging on about. WHO KNEW that meditation was so great? (Me. I knew.)

Maybe you’ll find yourself becoming more abundant (and I don’t just mean money-wise).



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