OBW x CostumierSaurus: Blindfold Spell for Eye-Opening


Welcome to a new week, Witches! I am super, super, super excited to bring you this spell. I was talking with my friend, CostumierSaurus, about blindfolds, and what they represent. To me, being blinded is significant when there is something in our lives that is hidden, that we’re not seeing. Sometimes this could be someone close to us hiding something from us, or when there’s something that just doesn’t add up, and we’re looking for truth which is hiding behind a veil.

So, I’ve partnered up with CS to bring you The OBW Blindfold Spell, to reveal hidden mysteries, f*ckery and shadiness. You. Are. Welcome.

A person wears a black blindfold. In the background, a witch’s altar.

Now, you don’t NEED this blindfold to perform this spell. However, as CostumierSaurus is, well, a costumier, she is very kindly giving a super special offer of 20% off on this item to OBW readers at her Etsy shop, if you would like to purchase it. It’s black silk, hand-finished, very sexy, and, oh, so versatile… (wink). Also, it’s really, really soft silk crepe and you can wear it as a witchy scarf. Anyway, the code is BOSSWITCH so go get it if you want it! Only valid for 7 days.

The OBW Blindfold Spell for Eye-Opening

You will need:

  1. A blindfold

  2. One white candle

  3. A marker to draw, or a pencil to carve on your candle

  4. A piece of paper and a pen (or double-use that pencil)

  5. EITHER a few drops of Clary Sage oil OR some dried sage (yes, you can buy it from the supermarket). If you are using dried sage, you will need another carrier oil to bind it to the candle (any carrier oil will do, even olive).

A pen and paper, a candle with an eye drawn on it, a black blindfold and a bottle of Clary Sage essential oil.

If you would like to cast a circle before your practice, please do so. If you need information on how to do that, click here.

Now, take your pen and paper, and write down the truth that you are seeking. Examples might be, “What am I refusing to see?” or, “What do I need to let go of in order to move forward?”. After you’ve written it down on the paper, use your pencil to carve the question (or a symbol or sigil representing your question) into the candle. If you are using a marker (I have for ease of viewing!) It doesn’t have to be tidy – just do it intentionally.

A candle with an eye symbol on it sits next to a laptop and a bullet journal.

Once your candle is inscribed, take the Clary Sage oil (or carrier oil, e.g. olive, sweet almond) and anoint the candle (basically rub it on). If you are using dried sage, now is the time to use that oil to stick the dried sage to the candle. While you’re doing this, think about infusing the oil and the candle with your intentions. It can sometimes help to rub your hands together first, creating some palpable energy.

Take a match or a lighter, and light the candle. As you do, say,

“Mother Magic, Vision Mother, Show me truth alone, no other. May no secrets hidden lay, And may no mysteries so stay.”

Once your candle is lit, rest your paper underneath it, and place the blindfold on yourself. Meditate on the secrets you wish to uncover. Now is the time to dig deep – think of all the clues you may have missed. Will in your elements – they are here to help you. Be calm, be objective. Go deep.

A candle with an eye drawn on it sits on top a folded piece of paper next to two other lit candles on an altar.

Need more spellwork? Check out the Etsy Page and use code OBWBLOG to get 10% off.

When you feel you have explored this issue to the fullest that you are able, say,

“I come here with open eyes, These secrets to reveal, No more stay hidden any lies, Show me only what is real.”

Take off the blindfold and wait for the candle to burn down.

Close your circle – the spell is complete.

Wait for the truths to be revealed in the coming days.

Let me know how this spell goes for you – I’ve tried it and it’s a whopper.

And don’t forget, if you’d like that fancy AF blindfold, here’s the link. Offer code: BOSSWITCH. This code is valid for 7 days, so don’t delay to get your 20% off an (already very reasonably priced) exceptionally made piece. I’ll also show it off on Instagram!



Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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