OBW 2020: Setting Goals With Kindness

As we’re coming towards the end of 2019, I wanted to focus this week on 2020 and ways we can optimise this coming year for ourselves. Each day this week, we’ll focus on something to do with finishing 2019 with as much grace and dignity as we can, given the absolute clusterf*ck it’s been and the crazy retrograde and retroshade it’s thrown us, and how we can move into a new decade with our goals set, our minds and souls refreshed, and a kickass attitude of abundance and fulfilment.

So today, its Monday, and I want to talk about goal-setting. I know I talk a lot about manifestation, and how we can create abundance, being clear and intentional. But what about kindness? I sometimes feel that, for myself, I set goals that are, well…impossible. And there is a difference between ambitious and impossible. For example, if I said I wanted to get to 3000 Instagram followers by the end of January, that’s ambitious. If I said I wanted to reach 1,000,000, that’s…not impossible, but probably unlikely. So let’s talk about the difference, and why it’s important to know.

What happens when you set yourself up to fail?