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November Snow Moon: What Does it Mean?

Beavers are very cute, do not set traps for them. Two beavers emerge from the water.

What do Witches do on a full moon? You might know that we have one coming up (Tuesday 12th November). This time around, we have the ‘Frost’, ‘Snow’ or ‘Beaver’s’ Moon. That sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? But traditionally, this was the time to set beaver traps. Please don’t do that. Beavers are beautiful, wonderful creatures and, although I don’t know you, I don’t think you know how to use their fur to make clothes to protect your naked body from the snow. So please, just don’t.

Anyway, what does the Frost Moon bring us?

Image by Mario Aranda from Pixabay A skull, a dagger and a key and ring sit by old leatherbound books, lit by a candle.

This is a time for protection spells. I love me a protection spell. You can stick it in a jar, you can manifest some protection or ask your spirit guides for some extra guidance. Use candle magic/k, run a special bath and get your crystals charging, Witches.

The November Snow Moon is, as Sacred Wicca states, “a time of grounding, preparation and transformation. Work magick that will strengthen your communication with the Goddess or God that seems closest to you.” I know that a lot of Witches feel connected to one particular Goddess or God, but don’t panic if you’re not feeling that. I just work with the Goddess, mostly – by which I mean Mother Earth / Gaia, the world that I can see and feel. I’m doing more research and I would love to write a blog on the Norse Goddess Freyja one day, but for now, I’m happy just to commune with the generic Goddess that is the World.

Two glass bottles sit in front of a fireplace. They have a handwritten label that says, ‘sloe and vanilla gin’.

So, this is a time to prepare ourselves for Winter. It’s going to be a cold one (unless you’re in my motherland, Australia, in which case you’re preparing for Summer, lucky Witches). It’s time to remind ourselves that, despite the Mercury Retrograde that has been running amuck, we are babies of the Earth, and we need to connect with that. Ground yourself, feel connected – protect yourself from harmful entities, feelings, vibrations, energies and people. Now is a time to cleanse and start getting ready for the colder months so we can go into them, eyes wide open, ready for the dark period before Spring comes back to warm us again. In the meantime, get cosy and warm, start those winter stews and try to enjoy this cuddly time of year.

I’m loving this blog and sharing this journey with you all. I’d love to hear from you, so please contact me if you have any post requests or questions. I also welcome pointers and advice from more experienced Witches because we are always learning.

What do you have prepared for the Snow Moon?



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