Mercury Retroshade: We’re Not Out of Danger Yet

This 2019 Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio has been a doozy. Everyone I know, even non-believers, have experienced travel delays, electrical problems, technological fails, had exes pop up out of the blue after 20 years… it’s been a time. Now that we’re approaching November 20th, you might be tempted to start feeling relieved – you made it through the Retrograde! But be warned: Retroshade is a thing.

What is Retroshade?

As you may have noticed, leading up to the Mercury Retrograde there was a short period of around 2 weeks when things started to get a little sticky. Little faults, little glitches, that sort of thing. And then the Retrograde hits and everyone battens down the hatches and hides out for a few weeks, right? During the Retrograde, we are warned not to make real estate deals, or sign business contracts, or contact an ex or old friend, or anything like that. But directly after the Retrograde, we have what is known as the Retroshade, which is sort of like the cool-down period.