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Manifestation, Abundance and Being Specific

I had to laugh this morning. I got an email from my bank telling me I had a new letter to read in my account. That wasn’t the funny part, by the way. It actually struck fear into me because things have been a little tight lately, and with my being not 100% physically at my best, it’s been a stressful time.

A black and white image of hands counting coins.

But no. I logged into my account, being very brave, expecting some kind of rapping of the knuckles kind of thing about overdrafts and charges. Instead, it was a letter saying that, between 2016 and 2017, I had been charged some fees on my account which were legitimate fees, but the bank hadn’t let me know beforehand. This meant that they have to pay them back, and I would be receiving either a bank transfer or a cheque for £47.

That’s what made me laugh. Now, ‘free’ £47 is not something to be sniffed at. That’s like 47 tumblestones at my local crystal shop. What made me laugh was that I’ve been focusing so hard lately on manifesting abundance, manifesting money and opportunities that I FORGOT TO BE SPECIFIC.

We talk about specificity a lot in manifestation because the Universe a) will give you what you ask for (in this case: SOME money) and b) has a sense of humour. So instead of giving me what I was really thinking I needed (business opportunities to come through and so on), Spirit gave me… some money. £47 by the 15th of November. Thanks, Universe!

A glass jar spills pennies onto a table.

Okay, so why do we need to be specific when we’re talking about desires and manifestation? It’s because manifestation all works on energies; specific, calculated energies. What we put out into the world is what we get back. So if we put out wishy-washy, half-assed intentions, we’re going to get back wishy-washy, half-assed results. We’re going to get exactly what we asked for.

Two people’s hands caress a baby’s feet. On the baby’s toes are the couple’s wedding rings.

So, try this. Instead of writing/thinking/saying, “I am grateful for the money that comes to me”, say, “I am grateful for the £5,000 that I receive in the next 14 days from a new client contract”. Specificity. What, when, and how. I’m not saying that I can 100% guarantee you that you’ll get £5,000 in the next 14 days from a new client, because Spirit STILL likes to play around sometimes to teach us lessons. Not in a malicious way, in a learning and healing way. Maybe that £5,000 comes to you in a different way. Maybe it comes after 15 days. I don’t know. Manifestation is like anything else – we have to practise.

Instead ofTry…“I am grateful for the love which finds me”“I am grateful for the strong, kind and wonderful partner that the Universe is sending me this month.”“I am ready to receive what I deserve”“I am ready to receive the blessing of the promotion I have worked hard for and deserve at my annual review”“I am abundant”“I have all the money, friendship, love and stimulation that I need in my life.”

So clear your mind, set your CLEAR and DEFINITE intentions, and manifest away, abundant babes.



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