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Imbolc for the Modern Witch

This post originally appeared on Spirit Nest, where it was a guest post. Reposted with permission.

Imbolc for the Modern Witch

Image by Spirit Nest.

On February 1st, we move into one of the sweetest, purest Sabbats of the Witch’s calendar. Imbolc celebrates the near-end of the long Winter, bringing us towards the warmer part of the year, and celebrating the sprouting of new life from the Earth. The Wiccan tradition celebrates this as the strengthening of the Sun God, as he comes into his adulthood, and the Goddess is coming into her maidenhood once more, after birthing the God at Yule (yep, it’s convoluted and more confusing than your average family reunion).

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Brigid, or Brighid, is the Irish triple Goddess of smithcraft, poetry and healing, who was worshipped as Goddess prior to the Christianisation of Ireland, and then sainted. Her origin story differs from Celtic pagan to Christian faiths, but everyone pretty much agrees that she is the Maiden, who blesses our crops and gives us sweet-smelling Spring flowers and the most joyful of all worldly creatures: tiny, dancing, bouncing lambs (insert love heart emoji eyes here). When I spent my first early February in Ireland with my partner’s family, I was amazed to see how seriously people took what they call St. Brigid’s Day. Everyone hung an item of clothing out of the window, and Brigid’s crosses popped up in the hands of children everywhere after making them at school.

For me, Imbolc is two-fold in its importance. Firstly, I celebrate the fact that we’ve (just about) made it through another Winter, and that Springtime is pushing its way through the Earth to burst forth with sumptuous flowers and edible plants. On the other hand, I look at Imbolc as a time of the year to make plans and sow seeds. I use it to meditate on the goals I want to accomplish, and to plan out how I can best serve those goals with actions.

How to make a Brigid’s Cross (video)

Here are just a few ways we’ll be celebrating Imbolc in our house (apartment).

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  1. Go searching for newly-sprouted wildflowers and (respectfully, asking permission of both the source and the owner, if it’s someone else’s land!) cut some flowers for your altar.

  2. Speaking of altars, create a luscious Brigid-inspired display of white, green, silver, orange and red. Sprinkle with wildflowers and flame-related icons to honour Brigid and the Sun God. Add crystals that represent Imbolc, like amethyst, garnet, turquoise or aquamarine (all the prettiest shinies for this celebration!).

  3. Now is a beautiful time to treat yourself to a love spell if you’re looking for a new connection. Place the focus on yourself – self-love and attracting the right love to you.

  4. Make a Brigid’s cross to hang above the door or in the rafters (you fancy thing, you) of your home to protect your house or apartment from evil and fire for the year. Next Imbolc, you can burn this year’s cross and replace it with your fresh one.

  5. Spring Clean. Okay, this one is just not one of my favorites, but for those of you not allergic to cleaning your own homes, now is the time to do a ritual cleansing. Mix magic into your floor wash, bless your broom and sweep away the spiritual cobwebs.

  1. Now is also a great time to practice some healing magic, too. If you need to address some physical or emotional issues, take some time to meditate and make yourself a gorgeous ritual healing bath of salts, peppermint, rosemary and sage. Envision the energy of new life revitalizing your body and mind (don’t scrimp on the candles).

  2. Speaking of new life and fertility, it’s not a bad time to think about getting it on. Imbolc is a fire festival, and a festival of love and reproduction. So, *ahem*, get out your sex magic supplies, if you practice in that way. If you’re trying to start a family, make a petition to Brigid. If you’re expecting, take some time to bond with your bump or new arrival, and thank the Goddesses for your blessings.

  3. Finally – eat. Dairy-based foods celebrate the abundance brought by the return of the Sun, so make a cheese platter and eat some ice cream (that’s not traditional, I made that up, but it still counts). Bake breads and cakes with seeds, and use up the last of the Winter veggies in a hearty stew (with or without lamb, as is your preference). I’ll be baking and cooking up a whole lot of too much delicious food for us and some friends, to share the magic of the season.

Image by Hari Mohan from Pixabay

But most importantly, hold your love and loved ones close. Imbolc is the time to share feasts and make love, to manifest your goals and plant the seeds for what you wish to read through the year. Now is the time to look ahead and start planning for the abundance you know you’re ready to receive.

How do you celebrate Imbolc? xxK 

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