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Releasing Baggage with the Full Moon in Virgo

Greetings, witches and bitches, it's been a hot minute. I think we can all agree that the world has been having a tough AF couple of years, and I'm no different. There is awful sh*t happening around and across the globe, and sometimes we need to snuggle down into introspection and survival mode. I hope you're all doing okay.

I've been thinking that my first blog post "back" needed to be something big and splashy; instead, I've decided to go back to basics, with the kind of post that OBW was built upon. Let's talk about the Full (Worm) Moon in Virgo.

Virgo Vibes

Mutable sign Virgo asks us to ground our transformative powers of the full moon in practicality and intricacy, while its opposing Sun in Pisces roots reflection in the heart space. That means that we are ultimately using both head and heart to guide us this Full Moon. As usual, the Full Moon brings us the opportunity to release and reflect on the last lunar cycle. However, with the Spring Equinox falling just afterwards on the 2oth, we also have the opportunity to reflect on the annual cycle we've just completed. How have we honoured our goals and ambitions? How have we honoured our feelings and desires? How have we cared for ourselves and others?

Reflect & Release

Take the time today not only to look at your own actions and emotions but also to afford yourself the kindness of forgiveness and understanding. As I said, it's been a sh*tty couple of years, and most of us have been in some form of survival mode. Don't be an asshole to your No. 1 (that's you). Understand, identify, forgive and release. Meditate on the compassion you can show yourself and others, and how that compassion can help you to move forward in a way that celebrates your inner Virgo. Take some time to journal and to make lists of all the sh*t you want to let the f*ck go. See yourself, do the work and prepare yourself to launch into the next astrological cycle that begins on Sunday.

Ritual ideas for the Worm Moon

If you're feeling magickal today, and I know I am, here are 3 very easy ways you can connect with and harness the power of this glorious Virgoan orb.

  1. Take a ritual bath to cleanse yourself of your emotional baggage.

  2. Purge your home of 6 items that tie you to the energy that no longer serves you.

  3. Wear green and yellow to celebrate the coming of Spring proper.

Keep on punching.


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