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Friday Fashion: The Beginner’s Guide to Witch Hats

Happy Friday, Witches!

It’s been a long week over here, what with regular work/life/PhD stuff and daily long walks with the puppy.

But it’s Friday again, and last Friday I did the very first Boss Witch Friday Fashion, and you seemed to like it. I don’t know whether it was the Tati references, or Eva Green, or Angela Bassett, but whatever, we’re all fans.

It’s that time of year when the young ones dress up as SPOOKY WITCHES, and the teenagers dress up as SEXY WITCHES and there’s a whole lot of OLD CRONE WITCHES dressing the doorways and window displays of shops. But I feel that paints a very one-dimensional picture of Boss Witch Fashion.

So! Today, I thought I would do another fashion-inspired post about something very serious: Witch Hats.

Why do witches wear those hats?

A child in a pointed witch hat is silhouetted against the Moon.

Okay, I didn’t know the answer to this one. Wikipedia says that it could be related to the persecution of Jewish people in the 1200s, or it could be to do with anti-Quakerism, or it could be to do with witchcraft being associated with alewives, who basically did home-brewing and the men didn’t like it much so they accused them of herbalism. Apparently also the publication of The Wizard of Oz had a lot to do with the idea of the pointy hat. Either way, Witches became associated with pointy hats. But Slate has a great piece on where the pointy hat thing came from.

But let’s go with this answer: because Witches know how to accessorise.

Do I have to wear a pointy hat?

No. Please see last Friday’s post re: wearing whatever the f*ck you want.

Can I wear a hat?

A person wears a hat in front of a mirror. Blurred figures stand behind them.

Yes. Again, you can wear whatever the f*ck you want. Personally, I love wearing a big hat in Winter. It makes me feel a) warm and b) badass.

Does it have to be black?

A person with long dark hair laughs. They wear a brown hat.


Give me some inspiration.


Still shot from American Horror Story: Coven.

Last week I talked about American Horror Story: Coven, and basically those witches have the best hat game in the business. Every episode, new badass hat game. Combined with veils, statement sunglasses and more? Amazing. Perfection. Look no further. Toffeemouth’s blog also has a piece on the fashion in this inspiring show.

But in the meantime here is a gallery of images of Boss Witch Hat Inspiration for you.

I don’t think there are nearly enough images around of this important issue, so please: send me your Boss Witch Hat Pictures or tag yourself on Instagram with #OneBossWitchHat.

Namaste, and have a beautiful weekend!


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