Do Witches Pray?

When I was at secondary school, I was in a pretty religious environment. I went to Presbyterian and Church of England schools that brought us to chapel services weekly, had their own ministers/vicars, had compulsory religion classes and encouraged us to follow a certain doctrine. As I’ve said before, the only time I remember being really in trouble at school was when I was caught with Tarot cards and was told I was summoning the Devil.

The Empress card of the Tarot deck.

I did veer towards those churches and youth groups – all of my friends were pretty heavily involved and I got to front a (Christian) band at the weekly services at the big church. But I knew for many reasons that this religion was not for me – it wasn’t calling me, and I disagreed with too many of its principles. Despite the heavy feeling in my gut that this was wrong for me, I remained in the church (quietly, hiding who I was) for a good few years.

But as my knowledge grew and I started to discover my own fai