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Coming Out of the Broom Closet

You know, it’s kind of funny for me to be talking about coming out of the closet at the age of 33. I came out as gay at about 18, and it seems like a lifetime ago. Now, I don’t even think about it, although I do have to constantly correct people who don’t know, and who assume that my partner is a man (poor Jessie).

An illustration of a person riding a broom.

But coming out as a Witch is something I perhaps held a little more hidden shame in. Don’t get me wrong – I am not ashamed to be a Witch. It’s just that it’s not something that comes up daily, despite the fact that I’m constantly banging on about crystals and planetary alignments, incense, meditation and crystals.

An old wooden cupboard is open and empty.

After I started this site, I got a message from someone I’d worked with previously, saying that she hadn’t realised I was the One Boss Witch, and that she, too, was a Witch, and she wished we’d known when we were working together. And that’s something that I wish, too! Because there’s nothing quite like sharing tips, tricks and jokes that only another person who practises in this realm will appreciate.

I saw an article the other day on the New York Times that said that we have “reached peak witch“. I think that we’ve always been around – it’s just that we’re maybe more comfortable in sharing our practices and beliefs these days. For me, I couldn’t care less if people think I’m a bit strange. I’m a professional woman, a PhD student, I wear a blazer to work. It’s not like I walk around in head to toe black, covered in tattoos of pentagrams and symbols of the Goddess – not that I think it would matter if I did/was. In fact, I would feel comfortable doing that these days if that’s how I wanted to express myself. And that’s kind of the point I’m trying to make here.

A black and white photograph of a person with their black cat.

I try not to get too political on here because personally I feel like politics kind of messes with my spiritual vibes at the moment. But I do think that the state of the world right now, in the UK, where I live, in Australia, where I’m from, and in the US, which I love, has given me more reason to fight for what I believe in, and be who the f*ck I want to be. Life is too short to play a part.

Samhain is just around the corner and it feels like the best time to promote owning who we are and what we do. So f*ck it. Come out with me.

So if you want to get that pentagram tattoo, f*cking do it. And if you want to wear a black veil to work, f*cking wear it. I’ll support you, and so will our community.

A Yorkshire Terrier is dressed up as a Witch next to a cauldron.

If you have questions about coming out of the proverbial broom closet, send them my way. Maybe you’d even like me to post your question on our Facebook page so that other Boss Witches and folks can benefit and engage.

Either way, you do you, Boss Witch.



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