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Boss Witch Fashion Friday: Lockdown Edition

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends! We made it through another week. If you weren’t on my email list yesterday (link below, sign up!) you might not know that I announced that I will soon be releasing the One Boss Witchcast (podcast) to give back to the library of podcasts that I am tearing through myself at the moment.

It’s a funny thing being on lockdown/isolation/shielding/stay in place. For me, I know that when I’m working a lot, I just long for more than 36 hours at home to potter and rest and watch TV. Then, all of a sudden, with just about no notice, you’re suddenly confined to your home, trying to make yourself get dressed from the midsection upwards so you can appear remotely reasonable during a Zoom/Facetime/Blackboard meeting and you also can’t remember which day of the week it is or how long we’ve been in lockdown for.

Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

Fear not, everyone. I’m here today to talk about … witchy loungewear.

LOUNGE WEAR is important in everyone’s life. It can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Myself? I have a rule. When I get up in the morning, I put on a bra and usually jeans or a dress. Basically a ‘real pants’ rule. I.e. I don’t let myself wear pyjamas or sweats all day (mostly). I do this because it helps me get my head in the game and differentiate between the parts of the day. Jeans/bra = work time. Once 5pm hits, though, I’m back into stretchy and loose fabrics, I’m not going to lie. And today is Friday so I might even do it at 4pm.

Anyway, I though I would just pop up on a Friday for the first time in a while to drop some beautiful, aspirational witchy loungewear lewks. You are, as ever, welcome.

Make It Bejewelled

Bey Azura loungewear set, £99.00

First on the list is this very, very extra two-piece tracksuit situation from Bey Azura. I had not heard of this brand, but I think we can all agree that if one must wear tracky-daks (as they are called in my home country of Australia), then they ought to be absolutely dripping with golden beads. This tracky set is $99 which is steep, but cheaper than the hourly rate you would have to pay yourself to do this much beading. Ask me and @CostumierSaurus one day about beading, I dare you. Well, actually, there’s only one thing you need to hear: THERE IS NEVER TIME FOR BEADING. Unless it’s for your PhD.

Flowing Silk is a Must

Here is a picture of starlet, Ann Sheridan, wearing a stupidly silky and gorgeous robe. For what purpose? We’ll never know. No matter how many times I watch old movies, I cannot understand what possesses these people to put on such extraordinary night or loungewear and walk around like it’s comfortable. I was watching a show the other day… Mr Mercedes Season 2, actually. And this character, she’s walking around in a lacy 2-piece pyjama setup that does NOT look comfortable.

However, if you take away scratchy lace and replace it with silk, I’m not saying you SHOULD wear it to your Zoom meeting, but I am saying that it will feel really nice.


As another aside, my sister sent me the most beautiful pink (!) vintage (!!) kimono (!!!) for Christmas. Is it an appropriate garment to wear to work? NO. Is it ideal for Friday evening cocktails in self-iso? Definitely. In addition, I would like to point out that witches have almost always been presented as wearing flowing robes/cloaks and gowns. On Between The Worlds yesterday, Amanda Yates Garcia (<3) points out that, although bell-sleeves are super dramatic and attractive, they get caught in your food and on everything else so are sadly completely impractical. However, this image of Amanda by Laurel Valdez is perfect and basically sums up what a beautiful, witchy and comfortable but also very romantic loungewear interpretation should be. BRAVO. Go buy Amanda’s book, it’s outstanding.

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Photo by Yuliya Kosolapova on Unsplash

Speaking of cocktails, let’s face it: when you work from home, sometimes you work until 10pm. Sometimes you ‘leave’ work early. And sometimes you have a cocktail while you finish up the final bits and pieces. I even worked at an office for a while where they have Prosecco on a vintage tea tray every single Thursday and Friday at 4pm. Why? Don’t know. Did I love it? Yes. Anyway, this point is basically to tell you that if you are into a 5pm whisky, and it’s a Friday (ahem) and you want to have it a bit early, I give you permission, just this once, because of isolation. Also, notice how bars are called ‘lounges’? Well, right now, the only bar you can go to is in your lounge room, so you may as well be wearing LOUNGEwear.

In Conclusion

In conclusion? As always, wear whatever the f*ck you like. Whatever makes you feel magical, empowered and comfortable in your clothing skin. We’re all stuck inside, or at best, in our gardens (I’m not jealous of you…). That doesn’t mean you have to wear the same thing every day. Maybe you wake up and you fancy wearing your cloak inside. DO IT. Feeling glam on a Friday afternoon? Crack out the sequins.

Whatever your jam, I love it, keep doing what you’re doing. Post pics of your loungeworkwear™ on IG and tag me. I’d love to see it.

Have a safe and magical weekend!



Featured: Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

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