Boss Witch Fashion Friday: Lockdown Edition

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends! We made it through another week. If you weren’t on my email list yesterday (link below, sign up!) you might not know that I announced that I will soon be releasing the One Boss Witchcast (podcast) to give back to the library of podcasts that I am tearing through myself at the moment.

It’s a funny thing being on lockdown/isolation/shielding/stay in place. For me, I know that when I’m working a lot, I just long for more than 36 hours at home to potter and rest and watch TV. Then, all of a sudden, with just about no notice, you’re suddenly confined to your home, trying to make yourself get dressed from the midsection upwards so you can appear remotely reasonable during a Zoom/Facetime/Blackboard meeting and you also can’t remember which day of the week it is or how long we’ve been in lockdown for.