Boss Witch Fashion Friday: It’s Victoriana, Baby

Once upon a time, it was the Victorian age. The Victorians had a penchant for dark stories, vampires, Dickensian poverty, tight corsets and big skirts. The Victorians also inspired a whole century’s worth of Witches, Goths, alternative folks, Steampunkers, cosplayers and costumiers in terms of their fashion. Also, literally every lesbian or women-attracted-woman has seen Tipping the Velvet at some point so that’s why we’ve gone for full TTV reference here, okay? It’s iconic. So here, today, I shall lay out the ways in which we can incorporate Victoriana into our day-to-day lives.


From the ground up, we have the knickers. Well, more specifically, the corsetry. I am no expert on corsets but I certainly do love wearing them. They make your waist teeny tiny, boobs look like you walked off a Victoria’s Secret catwalk but can also be worn by anyone of any gender or sex, which is fantastic. These days, the corset is a mainstay (see what I did there) of #WitchyVibes. Since I’m no expert, I asked my best friend and actual, literal Victorian corsetry expert, Lindsey Holmes, aka Costumier-Saurus, who is writing a PhD on…Victorian corsets.