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Boss Witch Fashion Friday: Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtower of the ’90s.


It’s been a WEEK and then some, so it’s time to kick back, relax and talk about the thing that really brought us all here: the witch movies/shows of the 1990s.

Once upon a time, a little film called The Craft premiered and turned every teenaged and tweenaged girl into a choker-wearing, miniskirt and white t-shirt sporting wannabe WitchyPoo. While the ’90s aren’t generally like the pinnacle of fashion, there was a certain charm to them that certainly, as I have aged, I have begun to appreciate. Apart from anything else, it brought us this goth-chick, maroon lipstick situation that a lot of us still feel and wear to this day (guilty).

And then we had the Sisters Halliwell, of Charmed fame, who brought us everyday Witch realness in the form of conservatie Piper, Prue of the endless chokers (RIP Prue), rebellious Phoebe and newcomer, Paige, who, let’s face it, really rocked the whole satin cami situation that plagued us for so long.

I’m going to skirt over Sabrina the Teenage Witch for our purposes here because nobody wants to relive those costumes, everybody.

Then of course we have Practical Magic, which I just realised deserves a serious re-watch, because Nicole and Sandra is kind of an amazing combination. Also, we can’t forget Willow of Buffy, because even though she didn’t have a big coven, she still stuck to the RULES.

Let’s break down the basics of ’90s Witch Fashion. You’re welcome.

The Choker

Everybody needs a choker to be a ’90s Witch. It can be made of velvet, satin, cord, lace – basically anything so long as it’s black, dark red or dark purple. Maybe dark green. But don’t be bringing blue into it. Don’t try for white, either – we’re dark, serious Witches, okay?


We’re talking plaid, we’re talking tartan, we’re talking plain black, we’re talking wearing them with thigh-high boots or socks, and we’re talking wearing them on our waists, not on our hips. They are short, they are pleated, or they are straight, or they are A-line. There are not really any rules on shape here – we’re just talking short and high and dark.

Velvet and Satin

We’re loving our tactile textiles in the ’90s, Witches. Satin camisoles (the type with boob holders built in and spaghetti straps), velvet dresses in green, black, red, purple (DARK), lace edging on everything (black only, thank you). Belly tops. Velvet jackets. So much velvet.

<< Here we have Alyson Hannigan sporting a red velvet dress, because of course.

Here is Nicole Kidman rocking a green velvet dress>>

All Leather Everything

A leather jacket is a Very Important Item in any ’90s Witch’s closet. It can be in just about any colour so long as it’s black, brown or red. BUT we cannot forget that this is the ’90s, so we also wear leather trousers, skirts, and maybe even dresses. Jackets can be long or short. They are probably not actually leather.

Floral Dresses

Maybe you’re not into the leather and darkness look. That’s okay – you can still be a ’90s Witch. We’re going to do the long, floral dress. It’s billowy, it’s probably too long or just not long enough, stuck at a weird in-between phase before midi dresses were a thing. We might do buttons all the way down the front – almost certainly we’re going to do spaghetti straps or those weird straps that aren’t actually spaghetti straps but also are not a tank top strap.