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BONUS POST: Pictures from Nature

Today we went for a walk with our friend and neighbour, Katie, and her dog, Hughbert (whom you’ve met before). All three (four?) of us were itching to get out of our apartments, even though the weather was pretty grim. I mean, it’s West Yorkshire in November, after all.

Offerings in the tree.

But once we got out there, there was no stopping us. We had a super long walk, got muddy, and Mother Nature gifted me so many treasures from fallen trees for my crafts. I also got to tuck my offerings to the ancestors in the perfect place in the nook of an old, mossy tree, which felt so magical.

We walked until it was nearly pitch dark – even the dog was straining to get back to the car!

Gifts from the woods.

A house lit up above the reflective water.

The trees reflected as darkness lands.

I guess I just wanted to share some pictures with you all to show you what makes my heart sing – nature, its beauty, getting out of the house and the refreshed state of mind that a simple walk can offer us. I know that, for me, walking can be a lifesaver when it comes to mental health. And now I feel more ready to take on the coming week.

Blessings, Witches – I hope you’ve taken good care of yourself this weekend.


West Yorkshire swamp water (did not have a bottle to collect!)

I call this part the Fairy Meadow.

Found this glorious old piece of art abandoned in a clearing.

The gorgeous river.

I love the old stone retaining wall – the train actually passes along the top of it.

More West Yorkshire swampland.

More stone wall gorgeousness.

Half swamp, half Children of the Corn.

Poison Mushrooms along the way – I didn’t take any – any ideas for poisonous mushrooms in spellcraft?

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