Being a ‘Good’ Witch

It’s the human condition. We all want to be the best at what we do, whether that’s work, or hobbies, or family, or just being the best cook in the family (I’m not). This idea of having to ‘do’ things properly – i.e., you can’t be a real painter unless you’ve taken classes, or you can’t be a singer because you don’t get paid to sing – is damaging. It’s damaging to creativity, it’s damaging to self-worth, and it’s damaging to the very core of what spirituality and passion, and loving what we do.

A tea-light candle lit amongst some roses.

I’ve been beating myself up for the last few days because I’ve been ill. I’ve been in bed, unable to work or write or do much at all except complain. But despite literally writing about this sh*t, I still wasn’t able to acknowledge the fact that I was ignoring my own advice. Being a Witch isn’t a job, and it’s not a hobby – it’s just who I am. So it doesn’t matter that I haven’t taken the stuff off of the Samhain ancestor altar to bury it in the woods; it’s pissing down rain out there and I have a dodgy chest right now. It would be stupid to do