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Boss Witch Fashion Friday: Lockdown Edition

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends! We made it through another week. If you weren’t on my email list yesterday (link below, sign up!) you might not know that I announced that I will soon be releasing the One Boss Witchcast (podcast) to give back to the library of podcasts that I am tearing through myself at the moment. It’s a funny thing being on lockdown/isolation/shielding/stay in place. For me, I know that when I’m working a lot, I just long for more than 36 hours at home to potter and

Boss Witch Fashion Friday: It’s Victoriana, Baby

Once upon a time, it was the Victorian age. The Victorians had a penchant for dark stories, vampires, Dickensian poverty, tight corsets and big skirts. The Victorians also inspired a whole century’s worth of Witches, Goths, alternative folks, Steampunkers, cosplayers and costumiers in terms of their fashion. Also, literally every lesbian or women-attracted-woman has seen Tipping the Velvet at some point so that’s why we’ve gone for full TTV reference here, okay? It’s iconic.

Boss Witch Fashion Friday: The Historically Inaccurate but Deathly Fabulous Costumery of “Sale

Greetings, Boss Witches! We made it through another week. A week of working, of cooking meals (ew), of trying to keep our sh*t together. I think we all did great! So I have been rewarding myself by watching Salem on Netflix. I hadn’t got into this show yet, which is weird, but I do think it was a slow starter that got great. Is it cerebral? NO. Is it wildly entertaining and full of blood and guts and spells? YES. What more do you want? Elise Eberle as Mercy Lewis in Salem wit

Boss Witch Fashion Friday: The 1960s Called, they Said You Can Keep Winged Eyeliner.

HAPPY FRIDAY, Boss Witches! This week has been a toughie for me, professionally and PhD-speaking. But we all have sh*tty weeks, don’t we? And the best way to move past that is to whack on some winged eyeliner, get some volume into our hair and throw back to possibly the chic-est of decades: the 1960s. Elizabeth Montgomery wears a Witch’s hat as Samantha Stevens in Bewitched. Now, do the 1960s have much to do with Witches, you ask? F*CK YES, they do. Not only in the witchy vib

Boss Witch: Fashion Friday

Greetings, Witches! We made it to the weekend again. What a week it’s been. Post-Samhain blues, the winding down of Halloween celebrations… and the commencement of Christmas carols playing in every store, as well as the appearance of an inexplicably enormous amount of mince pies being stocked in the supermarket. Why? Nobody even likes them. BUT with the cooler weather and the setting in of the wintry months comes the very best thing: cape season. Emma Roberts, Sarah Paulson a

Friday Fashion: The Beginner’s Guide to Witch Hats

Happy Friday, Witches! It’s been a long week over here, what with regular work/life/PhD stuff and daily long walks with the puppy. But it’s Friday again, and last Friday I did the very first Boss Witch Friday Fashion, and you seemed to like it. I don’t know whether it was the Tati references, or Eva Green, or Angela Bassett, but whatever, we’re all fans. It’s that time of year when the young ones dress up as SPOOKY WITCHES, and the teenagers dress up as SEXY WITCHES and there

Boss Witch: Friday Fashion

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: this blog is supposed to be about wellness. But the purpose of OBW is to start conversations and give blessings and joy to ALL REAL-LIFE BOSS WITCHES. That means you maybe have a full time job, or you’re at home with one to eight babies right now, or you’re caring for someone. Or maybe you’re having a really bad time at the moment (sending love to you) and you just want answers to this burning question: WHAT DOES A BOSS WITCH WEAR? A person

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